Eclipse Plugin Tag Cloud

I got fed up looking for a nice version of an eclipse tag cloud so instead I made my own.

Its simple but effective.

Eclipse Plugin Tag Cloud

Eclipse Plugin Tag Cloud

You can download the archive here. Or look at the code below.

All you should need to do to display it is make a viewpart and then write something like.

// pass the tag cloud generate a data structure like the following
// example code
ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
al.add(new Pair("tag 1", 3);
al.add(new Pair("tag 2", 6);
// create the tag cloud generator
EclipseTagCloudGenerator tclg = new EclipseTagCloudGenerator(al);
tclg.setMaxTags(35); //set max tags to display (by default will display most frequent)
tclg.setScale(2); //set scale to increase font by
tclg.generateTagCloudDisplay(comp, tclg.getTagCloud()); //generate the tag cloud and attach it to the parent comp object

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  1. #1 by rhinoplasty on 24 September 2009 - 04:36

    Nice site!

  2. #2 by Alexandra on 15 March 2011 - 19:14

    How does one about integrating this plugin into eclipse?

  3. #3 by Steve on 15 March 2011 - 20:22

    This plugin was designed as a prototype just to help me get results from a PhD experiment. It requires a lot of tidying up to convert it into a nice plugin. I do intend on doing this in the future but at the moment I have no time 🙁

    The code described is just a simple way of creating a tag cloud in eclipse. You would have to write it into a plugin for it to do something useful.

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